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SakuraxHinata fan community
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Welcome to the Sakura/Hinata (or Hinata/Sakura, whichever you prefer) Livejournal community! This is a community dedicated to the relationship between Haruno Sakura and Hyuuga Hinata of the manga/anime Naruto, whether you happen to enjoy it romantic or platonic. This is a place to post all your SakuHina related fanfic, fanart, essays, graphics, FSTs, etc. Any and all fanworks are welcome -- posting is always appreciated, as is feedback to posts.

Use your brain and generally try to keep things civil, and we shouldn't have any problems. ;D However, for the sake of clarity, please read through and abide by the following rules:

1) No bashing or flaming, under any circumstances. This one should be obvious. Constructive criticism helps everybody, but flames help no one. If you really don't like the idea of yuri, or this pairing, there are plenty of other communities on Livejournal you can visit instead.
2) Try to stay at least vaguely on topic. Since this community doesn't get a great deal of traffic, we're quite lax on this rule. :) Introduction posts are fine, especially if you come bearing fic/art, and pimping other communities is okay as long as they're related to Naruto yuri, or the characters of Sakura or Hinata.
3) Any required warnings should be specified on anything posted (violence, sex, certain kinks, etc.); and, for that matter, anything longer than 200 words or containing pictures larger than 200x200 pixels should be behind a Livejournal cut.
4) The LJ cut rule also applies to anything rated over PG-13, just in case.

If you're only interested in Naruto yuri and not this pairing, I'd suggest naruto_yuri.

Aside from all that, have fun and everybody will be happy. Enjoy your stay, and enjoy the yuri! ♥

SakuraxHinata is love in full bloom

Your moderator here is _acerbitas_, who can be contacted through her journal.


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