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Cropped a few shots of Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den special into icons/bases. I've been snatching images wherever I see them and am apparently incapable of keeping things from one place in, well, one place, but I feel pretty secure in saying I got most of the shots in question from [info]kaikouken's post.

[1] x [Team 8].[Team 10].[Sand Siblings]
[1] x [Gaara].[Kankuro].[Temari].[Neji].[Lee]
[2] x [Ino].[Hinata].[Kabuto].[Orochimaru].[Sai]
[5] x [Sasuke].[Sakura].[Naruto]
[1] x [NejiHina].[ShinoIno].[KibaIno].[NaruSaku]
[2] x [NaruHina]
[1] x [TenIno].[TenSaku]
[2] x [InoSaku].[InoHina]
[1] x [ShikaLee].[NaruLee].[OroKabu].[KakaNaru].[ShikaChou].[KibaChou]
[2] x [NaruSasu]
[1] x [ShinoInoKiba].[InoKibaHina].[NejiHinaKiba].[NejiHinaLee].[NaruSakuIno]
[2] x [InoSakuHina]


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I've seen "essential recs" lists in other fandoms, and thought it might be fun/interesting/something to do when I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. So, I put some names into a hat; as Hinata's is the name I drew, I'm going to do her list first.

It occurred to me, however, that if I complied such a list myself, it would not only be more of a specialized favorites list than anything, it would be woefully incomplete. So, I turn to my fellow SakuHina fans with the question: What SakuHina fics, or even Saku/Hina friendship fics, absolutely must be read?

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Similar pleas have been posted in relevant comms.
Anyone have any SakuHina icons that they're willing to share?

Preferably time-skip, but I'll take any that are pre-jump.
I'm here to share some of the SakuHina fanarts I've found at Deviantart. Hopefully, no one has seen them before. And if you have, there's nothing wrong with seeing it again, right? xD;

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Okay, so. Long story short: I've been planning on putting out a webzine dedicated to Naruto girl love, and it occurs to me that I could probably do with, y'know, content. I'm hoping to release the first issue in early January, and it'll be a sorry sight to see if it's full of nothing but my stuff. So, I'm looking for fic, art, icons, banners, essays, manipulations, comics, things of that nature, rated from G to R- or K to M, if you prefer.

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Um... hi :D

This community doesn't seem very alive right now, so, here's a post! 8D;

Media: Traditional
Materials: Paper and pen

DA link

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x-posted :3




Art: Sakura, by herself
Rating: NC-17

Pencils, Paper, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

inspired by bubblelemon  's fic 'curtains and sleepovers'

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Hey there ! Hope nobody minds me posting this <_< but I have some SakuHina pics I've drawn if anyone is interested. They are pretty damn crappy, but I'm learning XD;;;





Hopefully over time I will be able to improve on drawing these two. Ah well...enjoy, I guess :/
I brought a link to a fic of mine. It's a sort of lengthy one-shot, rated T for mild language.
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