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Me: photographer. Not in picture.


Sakura: ?

Hinata: ?

The individual poses are nice, but I'm not crazy about them as a collaboration. They don't look much like they have anything to do with each other.
They don't really look like they're posing together so much as just... posing. As if they're only incidentally in the same picture. Of course that's just my opinion and they still both look pretty neat.
The way I see it, Sakura is protecting Hinata, because nobody wants to mess with her when she gets mad. xD;
Eh, I'd be more inclined to feel the same if they were flipped, I guess; either Sakura with her other hand on her other hip or Hinata standing on the other side and still leaning in towards Sakura. As they are, Sakura's arm puts a distance between them that throws the... balance? Dynamic? I don't know what word I'm digging for here, I just know the way they're standing sort of off-putting. YMMV.
I see, I see. D=

What's 'YMMV'?
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

Basically a fancy way of saying that opinions may differ.
Oooh. I get what you mean, though. Next time I'll see if I can ask the cosplayers to pose in that sense. xD;